The team- Lance Cabkl

A small wooded farm near the shores of Lake Superior in northern Michigan, USA was my boyhood home. My son Eli, now 12 years old, has grown up in Devonport. Our mates from our Playcentre, amongst Pohutukawa trees on the slopes of Takarunga (Mt Victoria), are still core friends.  I am a New Zealand registered Early Childhood teacher. After eight rewarding years teaching with the team at Devonport Community Creche, I recently resigned and am pursuing postgraduate Dance Studies at the University of Auckland. I am a passionate teacher, musician, and improv dancer; and also greatly enjoy being a parent and community/environmental activist. Previously, I worked in conservation ecology, field botany, and tertiary teaching. I have facilitated experiential learning with diverse age groups and on a range of science, outdoor education, and music topics. I share the Ako Learning Community goals to be part of the ongoing efforts to revolutionise how education is delivered through supportive and growing relationships, nurturing self-directed play and experimentation, and cultivating positive dispositions including curiosity, whole-heartedness, courage and joy.  What an amazing group of people and opportunity we have…I am pleased to get to know and learn with you all.

Sabrina NagelAko