The team- Anne Sturgess

Anne will be joining as one of external trustees for the Charitable Trust we are in the process of setting up. The Trust will act as the guardian of our educational model and provide advice and support to our management and teaching teams. It will also administer any scholarship funds and allow us to make applications to other charitable trusts and foundations.

We hope to have it up and running in the new year. Anne is a very experienced Senior Leader and Professional Learning Facilitator with a history of working in the primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors. She is skilled in coaching, educational consulting, assessment, and learning management. She is committed to all children thriving as learners and in their social and emotional lives. Her particular focus in education is on supporting children who are gifted and also experience barriers to learning (e.g. twice-exceptional). Most recently Anne has been Director of Education at the Academy for Gifted Education, and has now set up her own educational consultancy practice.

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