The team- Janina Lang

We welcome a new member to our Ako team. Janina Lang, is an experienced outdoor educator from Germany who will be doing her internship to complete her studies in adventure and experiential education.

I share the mission of Ako to create space for joyful, compassionate, lifelong learners, and I am sure that curiosity, creativity and play are the most important approaches for children to explore and create this world. I am studying Adventure and Experiential Education in Marburg, Germany, because I see great potential in this approach to people and know that it offers opportunities for everyone to grow. I want children to feel free in their learning process, to be inspired by aesthetic approaches, to learn to act responsibly and to shape the world.

In Germany, I work with children and adolescents in a non-profit organization for youth welfare that develops and implements body and movement related concepts. This is valuable work for me. I've worked with elementary schools in a multi-day program that focuses on children's needs and puts their resources and lifestyles at the centre of educational work. The essential part of my social work is to accompany the learning process with a positive attitude, to offer experiences and to search for the well-being of each individual. Mindfulness, respect and a lot of passion should be part of everyday (school) life.

I love being in nature and experiencing adventure, meeting people and their stories, riding my mountain bike through the forest, doing yoga and being inspired by beautiful places. I enjoy life and love delicious food. My vision is to encourage positive change, to believe in people's abilities and to find a good path in life. I think Ako will be a great opportunity for me to expand my field of view.”

Sabrina Nagel