Valintine challenges us

We were honoured to host Frances Valintine at the end of June, who talked to us about how we can future-proof education and our work. 

It was a mind-boggling and eye-opening talk for many (I wish everyone I know, would see her talk!) which started with giving us an insight into Generation Z (children born between 1996-2012). Since they are digital natives (as opposed to us analogue natives!), they will be natural translators between the analogue and digital world.

Frances pointed out, that this generation is more diverse and have completely different values to us, e.g. seeing assets such as a house with a mortgage or a car as liabilities and not as a means of freedom. They will experience rapid urbanisation, resource scarcity, and a transition from goods to services.

With all these changes going on, Frances mentioned that work and fun should not be separated. Neither should education and fun be separated.

The group at highest risk of being affected negatively by all these changes are the 35-55 year olds. We will likely see a large number of them being unemployable, as they have skills that are no longer in demand (e.g. replaced by machines) but have not yet re-trained. 

This makes becoming a lifelong learner even more imperative. Thus, children need a chance to get out and do things to nurture their creativity. 

Hearing Frances, a futurist, talk about how so many parts of our education system are broken, was a reassurance to know that we are on the right path with the type of learning environment we are creating at Ako but it also made me think: ‘what is it that each of us can do every day to ensure our children are future-ready?’

A transcript of the talk is available here.

Sabrina Nagel